What Is Happening In The Minds Of Business Owners?

Competition during times of uncertainty is ruthless, most non-essential businesses are having problems with logistics, especially when considering what steps should be taken to move forward during and after this pandemic. There's a quote by Dr. Albert that embodies exactly what I think your mindset should be when confronting a business decision, as he says “Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”.

What better time for innovation than now? Covid-19 is giving business owners a hard time, sadly you might find yourself spending more time than usual discovering the right way to provide a service than thinking about meeting the needs of consumers.

What Should You Watch Out For?

Lately, people have too much time in their hands, this could make a not-so-good sales pitch a not-so-good-disaster for a company. One good example is GameStop; after years of struggles and setbacks, even foreclosures, the company's sales were skyrocketing, mostly because of Animal Crossing but let's not get into that.

Getting back to the point, the company decided to disobey the law and valued itself as an essential business. This struck many people the wrong way, in some cases people were actively trying to boycott the business, encouraging people to buy elsewhere. I've heard some people using their own slogan against them, instead of "Power to the player" people have been saying "Power to the virus", which I find hilarious for some reason. This is why it is important that you understand what people need and acknowledge how they want to retrieve it.

What's Going Through The Consumer's Mind?

Although most people are staying at home, some people are insisting on getting back to how things were no matter the cost. Protests are going on in Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Utah, and Texas against the decision to close non-essential businesses and stay-at-home orders put forth by our leaders to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Also, of course Florida is part of this, what were you thinking?

Getting back to my point, we can describe the behavior of this people as engaging in the first step of grief: Denial. How can I positively infer its denial? One; I’m definitely going through it, and two; for some reason many of the biggest news networks sent knowledgeable reporters to investigate and interview these people. I intended on providing a quote from one of the protesters, but I care about the well-being of my readers.

Now, let's say we understand most of the protesters, this group of people would probably continue on with their life as if nothing was happening. What about most of the people? Those who stay at home and follow safety guidelines. What about the essential workers? Our great nurses and doctors who risk everything in the front lines of this pandemic. All the people in the food industry, what are all these people thinking? Well, the answer is: we don't know. Yeah, unexpected turn of events. But, there is always a but, we know how to get the answers you need.

What Can You Learn From The Past?

Now, let's dive back into history, ugh, boring right? But we can learn something from the past because history repeats itself. After the Spanish Flu devastated the economy and killed over 50 million people, the economy grew exponentially by the roaring 20's. Therefore, by evading the millions of deaths and the subsequent crash of the economy in the 30's, being prepared to tackle what comes next is a must.

How would you go about creating a new work environment, a new sales technique, if nobody is an expert on it? Easy, ask the consumers directly through text messaging with our game changing software.