Collect phone numbers for sms marketing the right way.

Phone number recollection is hard.

Phone number recollection should not deter success.

Collecting phone numbers to create a sms marketing campaigns is hard. Most businesses just like yours would jumpstart their campaigns if they had data available, this is where some businesses notice that they don't have any type of information about their consumers and look for different alternatives.

Although it might feel tempting, try your best to avoid buying data banks from other companies. As most of the people in those data banks might feel getting messages from you are an invasion of privacy, therefore you should get the information of your own consumers. Here's where we can help, contact us to learn how we can create a tailor-made strategy for data collection just for you.

Always focus on making meaningful content that explain exactly how beneficial being subscribed to your campaign is, if they decide to give you their phone numbers, they will want to get the deals you have to offer.

Roughly, only 11% of businesses are taking the advantage of speaking directly to consumers. More than 55% of consumers would like to be contacted through sms from their favorite brands with deals, updates, and opinions. If only 10% of businesses market themselves through sms and 50% of people want to be contacted, there's millions of people willing to answer and get messages from your company right now!

How should you recollect phone numbers?

Easy, we can do it for you.

Almost every brand brings its own challenges, some have data available, but most don't. We create innovative ways to collect phone numbers, as we will study your niche and discover the best ways of attracting your consumers to give us the information you need.  

Here are some examples of what your phone number recollection campaign might have:

1. Program a "Sign-Up Form" on your website.

Sign-forms on your website can be a great way of developing a good flow of information from your consumers, even when there isn't a focus on advertising or an active campaign.

2. Provide benefits to your subscribers!

Be clear on how beneficial being subscribed to your SMS campaign will be. This way your subscribers will be willing to get contacted by you to get a great deal.

3. Invest in contests and raffles!

These types of offers help people outside of your own consumer base get to know your company for a chance of getting a free item. It's good to continue to invest in this kinds of tactics because it can help to keep the people engaged!

4. Create informational posters and flyers.

Have people hand out informational flyers and put up posters with literature that explain the benefits of being involved with your brand. Make sure that the people that are handing them out explain what they are signing into!

5. Create Keywords.

Creating keywords can help facilitate the onboarding of a customer. It can also help get the brand get a bigger reach for advertising purposes.

Keywords are commonly used at government fund raisers as seen in the Republican and Democratic conventions and rallies.

6. Collect Phone Numbers at Check-Out!

Recurring consumers are the best types of consumers. It's very useful to encourage customers to provide their information at checkout, this way you can keep tabs on them. Provide prizes and gifts if these people answer surveys to keep them entertained!

7. Focus on making relationships.

Having a strong relationship with your consumers has very good repercussions. They can become recurring consumers that can develop into advocates of your company. Therefore, by choosing the right messages, sharing the best deals, and keeping your consumers happy, you could get free advertising by word of mouth.

Getting comfortable with email marketing is bad.

Email marketing is good.

Sms marketing is even better.

Text messages have a “read-rate” of 98% compared to just 20% of emails, this means text messages have five times more chances of being seen than an email. SMS marketing is highly effective, on average it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email.

This is why we encourage businesses like yours to use each platform as a compliment for the other. Email marketing can be more of a day-to-day advertising tool and sms marketing should be used for well-thought-out weekly promotions.

Get ready to change the game.

Sms marketing is scary, we know.

It feels like it's too good to be true and that's why we've been advocating for years for companies like yours to get in the wave. When creating sms surveys studies show that there is 98% open rate and there is also 10x the turnout than an email survey at a 45% answer rate. Our studies have shown an 70% or more answer rate on sms surveys and we believe it's time you gave it a try!