Better tendencies for good organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit companies usually tend to have an extensive workforce and the spread of information between them is usually a problem because it takes a while for a message to reach the right person. Some of these organizations may have good leaders that will find multiple ways to inform their team to the best of their abilities, but what if we told you that we’ve found a way to create greater exchanges on a platform that is easier to maintain.

SMS marketing allows you to plan and organize every part of a company, messages can help improve communication and assignment delegation to improve your teams productivity. Text messages have a 98% “read-rate”, this means messages are almost certified to be delivered and read.

There are many implementations SMS marketing can provide, for example:

  • Private messages to donors with engaging thoughtful messages, with reminders and updates.
  • Schedule reminder and task delegation for associates and volunteers.
  • Surveys or polls for the beneficiaries.

ALQMY is prepared to help your organization improve its productivity to achieve its goals faster than ever through text messaging. Contact us for a free consultation.